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Express yourself with a custom T-shirt!

Want a unique way to convey your creativity? At Impressions, we believe in setting the bar high and exceeding all customer expectations. Our styles are remarkable and accommodate all your needs from slogans, imagery, poetry and any extraordinary way you would like to express yourself. Impressions is invested in producing every item to meet the specific needs of all customers with a smile. Whether you are promoting your business or creating a unique design for yourself, Impressions is here to make it happen for you!


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Impressions is a small, sole proprietorship homebased out of San Diego, CA. We utilize graphic design imagery to construct our products in a way that captures the individuality of each customer. We are a new apparel and merchandise organization that strives to make each customer experience feel like they have shopped with us for generation.
Life can be unpredictable. We may plan out our paths perfectly, only to have circumstances knock us off our feet. Out of this unpredictability, Impressions was born. My life changed forever in November of 2017. This is when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Realizing that adjusting to a new normal was a necessity, I understood that redirecting my energy, while dealing with this disease, would aid in the determination to carry out all my goals. I wanted an avenue to create awareness to this disease without a cure. That avenue is clothing and apparel. We want our company to make a mark not only locally or nationally, but globally. The sky is the limit and I am delighted for you to come on this journey with us.


Our products are created  two using processes: Heat Transfer Vinyl(HTV) and Sublimation. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

HTV can be used on a variety of materials to create designs. HTV is flexible and easy to shape. HTV comes in a variety of colors and patterns to explore creativity, and produces durable and long lasting prints. HTV can be pressed on a variety of fabrics and materials.


Sublimation is a process  by which ink molecules are pressed through a heating metal plate and onto the fabric. Sublimation colors are very vibrant and will not fade or crack. Sublimation produces durable and long lasting prints. Sublimation can only transfer to white and light colored polyester (i.e., white, tan and pastels).

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